A Rich History

The original Vestal Methodist Church stood on the corner of Kimble Road. Year unknown.

 A much larger building was built in 1845 that served our needs until Vestal's dramatic population explosion in the 1950's. 

"A CHURCH GROWS IN VESTAL - Workman make headway in the construction of an new south wing of Vestal Methodist Church Fellowship Hall in an $85,000 construction project which will include the erection of a new church sanctuary parallel to the hall."

Vestal Methodist Church started as a log cabin

in 1831which was rapidly outgrown.

"NEW VESTAL FIRE STATION SITE? This is the old Vestal Methodist Church property on the west side of Main Street, looking south, which could wind up as the site for the new Fire Company 1 station... At left is the new Vestal Methodist Church."

Our present church building began with the Sunday school and administrative wings with the sanctuary being added alter in 1962. In 1994, an addition included more classrooms as well as an elevator, making the church accessible to those with disabilites to all levels of the building.











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Our Clergy

1831        John Griffling
1831        Solon H. Stocking
1833        Hiram Shepard
1834-35   John Griffling
1836        D.Torry / W. Wooley
1837-38   E. Smith
1839        J.D. Boswell
1840        E.B. Tenny
1841        M. Ruger / George Blakeslee
1842        M. Ruger / Lewis Brown
1843        Lucas C. Woodford

1844        A.P. Burlingham / H. Pilbeam

1845        George Blakeslee / G.W. Leach

1846        H. Browscombe

1847-48   R.S. Rose

1849-50   M. Ruger

1851        A.C. Sperry

1852        Calvin V. Arnold

1853        H.T. Avery / S.E. Walworth

1854        Levi Pitts / S.E. Walworth

1855        Walter B. Thomas

1856-57   J.F. Wilbur

1858-59   Edward W. Breckinridge

1860-61   Welcome Smith

1862-63   E. Sibley

1864-65   Philip Holbrook

1866-67   Thomas Burgess

1868-69   John M. Grimes

1870-71   S.W. Lindsley

1872       John D. Bloodgood

1873-74   Joseph B. Santee

1875-77   William R. Cochrane

1878-79   Charles D. Shepard

1880        Calvin V. Arnold
1881-83   Asa Brooks
1884-86   John F. Jones
1887-89   Dayton C. Barnes
1890-91   Frank H. Parsons
1892-94   Isaac Jenkins
1895-96   Joseph R. Angell
1897-98   Eugene L. Jeffrey
1899       Gaylord C. Jacobs

1900-01   Hugh A. Willims
1902-05   Ira C. Estes
1906-09   Asa A. Callender
1909-11   Seward A. Terry
1911-12   Adelbert H. Whitaker
1912-13   Howard D. Smithy
1913-16   Edwin D. Cavanaugh
1916-20   William M. Watson

1921-22   A. Parsells / Harry J. Rines
1922-24   W. H. Cadwell
1924-26   Ernest A. Gillespie
1926-29   Owen L. Buck
1929-31   Harold S. Swales
1931-33   Albert J. Chapman
1933-39   Reeves C. Havens
1939-43   Harry E. Brooks
1943-47   Frederic J. Pieplow
1947-60   Lyle A. Weed
1960-63   Arthur Salin
1963-72   John W. Crayton
1969-72   Robert Darling
1972-78   William Stanton
1972-73   George Flint
1974-77   Earl R. Beane
1977-78   Kenneth Carder
1978-85   Kenneth Wood
1978-80   John Goodell
1985-92   William Highfield
1988-92   Roger Richards
1992-96   Thomas Clemow
1992-95   Allen Siebold
96-2001   John Topolewski
99-2001   Dave Schriber
2001-12   Mary Ricketts
2001-       Mike Willis
2012-13   Allyson Aylesworth

2013-14   Daniel Ling

2014-       Martha Vink

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