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Hope Abounds from the Hope Epidmic

On Sunday, September 29th about 30 volunteers came out to spread hope and love to those who live on Fillmore Avenue in Endicott.   The team cleaned up, mowed grass, weeded, swept and planted bulbs that will blossom in the spring.  Many wonderful conversations were had up and down the street with residents, and friendships were formed over refreshments served to anyone wishing to join us. 


One of our biggest joys of the day were the multitude of children who came out, choose a tool of their liking, and happily joined in our efforts to help clean up and spread the hope of Jesus Christ.  At one point, there were 5 children lined up side by side, automatically spreading themselves out perfectly, to plant bulbs in their neighbor's yard.  One mom took advantage of the situation and made herself dinner, which she ate, without interruption, as she watched the activity from her balcony.  She couldn't thank us enough for the "alone" time and the quiet.


One child in particular, Antonio, was a big ball of energy, seemed to be everywhere! and, he made his way into many hearts that day as well.  At one point he asked how long we were staying, and was very disappointed when we said we'd be there until 4:00 p.m.  His bedtime is 8:00 p.m. and he had hoped were would be there until then because he wanted to keep helping until he had to go to bed.  Antonio has a story, as many children do, but the exuberance in which he asked, many many times, to come to church could not be matched.


"I LOVE church!"  Pleeeaaasssse take me!" was his message and we listened.  If you were at the 11:00 a.m. worship a couple of weeks ago, you may have seen a very excited little boy with a grin on his face a mile wide that did not waver, and most likely, if you approached him, you probably got a hug.   You may have seen him rolling on the floor, or trying to do somersaults or showing his talents on the piano under the balcony.  If you were really lucky, like Pastor Patty who brought Antonio to church that day, you got to see him do cartwheels from the car all the way to the door because he was so very excited to be at church! 


Cartwheels! Because you are that excited to be at church?  Could you imagine having that love and excitement about going to church?  So, we are challenging you - our wonderful and faithful members - to be like Antonio, and BE EXCITED to be at church!  And, if you see a little boy, bursting with excitement to be here, at Vestal UMC - please take a moment, say hello to him, and soak in his exuberance.


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